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Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase your brand awareness and attract new clients with the various sponsorship opportunities available at the Lyceum Theatre. 

Girodat Electric Sponsorship

Movie Sponsor

Sponsor a specific movie, a certain set of movies, or a certain day of the week or month. Cost of sponsorship depends on your choice. Pay for the license of a movie, or for everyone's admission. 

Jaws at the Pool

Event Sponsor

Become the naming sponsor of an event we're hosting. National Canadian Film Day, Popcorn Nights, Movie in the Pool. Any of these, and more, could include your name in the title. Acquire exposure for your business, and ensure we have proper funding for these events, as we market them on our channels and the whole community comes to enjoy them

SPT Screen Sponsor

Screen Sponsor

Our Screen Sponsors help maintain our screen, sound, and projector equipment. These sponsors are recognized on the movie screen through static or video ad, depending on sponsorship tier, as well as here on this page. 

Gull Lake School Classes Donation

Toonie Tuesday Sponsor

Sponsor Toonie Tuesdays to ensure they can continue. While customers pay $2.00 this night, we are still required to report the full admission price. Pay the difference of this admission to enable us to keep this affordable and accessible pricing on Tuesdays.

Richardson Pioneer Oil Sponsor

Poster Sponsor

Ensure we can continue to get movie posters by becoming our poster sponsor! Posters ensure that all our movies are properly advertised before and during their screenings. 

Innovation Federal Credit Union Community Grant

Anything Else!

Have an idea for us? We're open to sponsorship ideas. Richardson Pioneer sponsors our Popit and Topit Popcorn Oils. SWT is our name sponsor. Innovation Federal Credit Union prints our show lists every month. How can you or your business help keep our non-profit, community facility running?

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