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Subscription Options

  • Monthly Show List

    Every month
    Get our Show List in your Mail! (Just pay printing and postage costs)
    • Get our Monthly Show List sent straight to your home (or PO)
  • Personal Member Ticket Pricing Monthly

    Every month
    • Receive our Show Sheet in your mail monthly
    • Get $2.00 off Your Admission all month
  • Personal Member Pricing Yearly

    Every year
    • Our Monthly Show List in your mail
    • $2.00 off Admission all year
    • Next Size Down Pricing on Fountain Pop & Popcorn
  • Family Membership Yearly

    Every year
    A membership for the whole family!
    • Our monthly show list in your mail every month
    • $2.00 off your whole family's admission all year
    • Next Size Down Pricing for your family's Pop & Popcorn

Save Money with Membership Options!

Our member​ship options are designed to save you money when you visit our theatre.

⁕Our first option is for those of you who wish to receive our paper show list in your mail each month. All you pay for is cost of printing and shipping, for your convenience. 

​⁕All members get $2.00 off their admission for the duration of their membership. Yearly memberships also receive Next Size Down Pricing. This means, if you order a large, you will receive it for the price of a medium, medium for small, and small for $1.00 off. 

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